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Sun Odyssey 380 : the 8th generation of Sun Odysseys

The naval architecture and deck plan of the Sun Odyssey 380 are by Marc Lombard and we asked Jean Marc Piaton and Clément Bercault to style the interior. The Sun Odyssey 380 replaces the Sun Odyssey 389. It was eagerly awaited. It is the latest addition to the new Sun Odyssey line which started with the 440 and the 490, and more recently the 410, and it joins this new generation true to Jeanneau’s DNA, with sloping side decks, rectangular beds and a sofa lounge that we recently saw on the 410.

From the quay, we can see the Sun Odyssey 380’s hard-chined hull and an inverted bow that stands clear of the water. This makes for a smooth helm and when the boat heels, to have the full length on the waterline.

Appendages: 2 types of keel are available. One is a standard 2 m keel a small 1 m 50 keel and a lifting keel is also available. This lifting keel performs as well as the 2-m deep draught keel. We go from 2 m 70 to 1 m 30 which allows us to get closer to the coast but also to access harbours with a shallow draught and we can install two legs, of course, for beaching on a sand bank, for example.

The Sun Odyssey 380 has two mast options. An in-mast furling system and a standard mast.

We also offer a performance pack with the standard mast. This includes a square-top mainsail and a flat-deck furling genoa, which increases the sail area by 6m² in relation to the area of a standard mast. The Sun Odyssey 380 mast has 30-degree swept back spreaders, so there is no need for an aft backstay. This clears the helm stations for the skipper, with no wire behind the helm seat, and it also allows for a square-top mainsail. The Sun Odyssey 380 comes with a genoa as standard. A self-tacking jib is optional.

The Sun Odyssey 380 has sloping side decks, which means there are no steps or obstacles as you move forward on the boat. We can also have a very high lifeline when we leave the cockpit and a very high bulwark for extra safety. This deck plan uses coaming to provide a good, comfortable, and safe seat back height when the boat heels. These sloping side decks offer excellent forward visibility for harbour manœuvres as well as leeward and windward sailing. They also allow for off-centre steering wheels with movement unobstructed between the two steering wheels. On top of this, the sloping side decks allow us to distance the helm stations and make movement conditions in the cockpit ideal. The Sun Odyssey 380 is fitted with a bowsprit fixed to a bow anchor roller, on which you can fasten a code zero or an asymmetric spinnaker. There is an anchor locker behind the bowsprit in which the whole anchor chain and fenders can be stowed away.

There is a 1000-watt electric windlass in the anchor locker and a textile loop where you can fasten a releasable forestay.

The Sun Odyssey 380 has a bow thruster. In this case, it is a tunnel thruster and not retractable. To reduce the forward drag from the tunnel, we chose a curved tunnel, which on top of the surfacing bow reduces forward drag and results in a deeper thrust flow.

The Sun Odyssey 380 is fitted with side access gates, midship cleats, a forward 330 L freshwater tank and an aft 130 L fuel tank.

The genoa comes as standard and to trim it you have a low friction ring, initially used on racing boats. The Sun Odyssey 380 can be fitted with solar panels, retractable davits, lithium batteries, but also shore-powered air conditioning and heating.

The 380 has an angled boom, meaning that the mainsail is within hand’s reach to lower it correctly and safely and also providing a larger sail area.

The sailing yacht has a very large aft swim platform for a 38-footer. There’s a starboard stowage location for the life raft and port access to the gas bottle and the whole steering system.

The rudder system has textile steering cables. As a result, the skipper enjoys super sensitive steering.

This locker is also ideal for storing all your fenders and mooring lines. There is a port wet locker in the Sun Odyssey 380’s cockpit and a starboard watertight locker in the 3-cabin version or access to the workshops in the 2-cabin version.

The Sun Odyssey 380 has two rudders. On the one hand, this reduces the appendages’ forward drag

and on the other, offers smooth sensitive steering even when the boat heels. Two rudders also mean a reduction in rudder length and strain on the rudder stock, with the effect of reduced strain on the autopilot actuator and on the steering system.

Given that the autopilot is not needed as much, there is less demand on the batteries.

The cockpit can be fitted with a table with stainless steel handrails and polyester fold-down flaps,

but also a table with two stainless steel handrails, teak storage space and two drinks holders.

A companionway leads inside the Sun Odyssey 380. Jeanneau attaches importance to this companionway. It only has four steps yet it slopes gently, with safe steps for when the boat heels.

Its four steps lead quickly and safely to the cockpit and makes it easy for easy communication

between crew members inside and out. We find a standard 29 HP engine under the companionway, or 40 HP on option. They are both shaft line engines and, on option, we can add a lifting propeller.

The flooring on the Sun Odyssey 380 is seamless, as it is on the 410, 440, and 490. The galley is fitted with practical specially designed storage with a cutlery drawer, a place for pots under the oven, and a large heel-safe lockable drawer for storage. This 380 is the lifting keel version. It comes with this table which covers the whole lifting keel system. Naturally, with the keel boat version you don’t have this furniture and you can move around the table. As with 410, we wanted to provide a sofa lounge on the 380. We shaped the mast bulkhead for this purpose. As you will observe, the bulkhead has a 20-cm recess, so the mast bulkhead is on either side of the mast frame and with the extra 20 cm, we created a 1.8 m berth with a back to lie back comfortably nd an armrest securely fasted to the mast bulkhead.

Whether you are on a port or starboard tack you are comfortably seated near to the keel. You can also take the sofa lounge seat back and place it in the saloon to create a watch station when the boat heels on a starboard tack.

At Jeanneau, we like to have a chart table, firstly, to centralize the on-board electronics, and secondly, to provide a desk with storage for a laptop and personal effects.

The fore cabin of the 380 can have a second head. In this version, we have two large hanging lockers but, best of all, a rectangular bed at the bow, unheard of on a 38 footer, making room for a bed head so you can sleep facing aft. This owner fore cabin is very bright. There are two deck hatches and two portholes on either side.

Two cabin versions are available for the 380, with either a 2-cabin version or a 3- cabin version. Here in the standard 2-cabin version, the bed is 2 m by 1.8 m and in the 2-aft-cabins version the beds are 2 m by 1.5 m. Due to the sloping side decks, we have three opening portholes instead of two, which provides perfect ventilation.

The head in the 3-cabin version has a toilet, wash basin and shower. In the 2-cabin version we have a completely separate space for the shower. This means we can have a separate wet area for sailing jackets. The hallmarks of the 8th generation are all there in the Sun Odyssey 380, with its sloping side decks, rectangular beds, sofa lounge and many options to optimize and customize your boat to suit your personal preferences. At Jeanneau, from the get-go, we set ourselves the goal of designing a boat that is as light as possible.

So with a weight of only 6.9 tons the boat performs well and is seaworthy.

For more information about the Sun Odyssey 380 by Jeanneau (sea trial, brochure, quotation…), click here or send an email at, we will be pleased to reply to you really shortly!

Stephanie Geslin

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