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SUN FAST 3600: Built to Win!

The SUN FAST 3600 is the new 36 foot vessel in the SUN FAST line, the big brother of the famous SUN FAST 3200, which was very successful, both commercially and in competition. More than 150 SUN FAST 3200s have been sold to date. We wanted to offer a new, bigger boat, ready for sailing, and racing on the offshore internationally, hence the 36 feet.

Daniel Andrieu designed the boat

Sun Fast 3600

Of course, the objectives were to complement the line by using the same DNA as the SUN FAST 3200, correct the few flaws that were noticed and finally, to make the boat more versatile. The SUN FAST 3200 was more oriented to racing solo or double, almost exclusively in offshore races. We came to realize, over the life of the SUN FAST 3200, that the boat was also very successful in in-shore races. So we wanted the 3600 to be very versatile.

sun fast

The 3600 can compete in both offshore and inshore races, both short handed and with a full crew. We adapted these ideas into a modular boat, especially on the outside, that can be sailed both solo and with crews up to eight, which is not easy especially with a single deck.

Sun Fast 3600

Impressive Cockpit

You will notice the very impressive cockpit, very long and very wide, where crew movement and ergonomics were studied in depth.

The front area of the cockpit is equipped with two seats to accommodate and protect the crew, especially for the long watches during off shore races. In the middle of the cockpit is the ergonomically designed maneuvering area, with all the control lines. The primary, or genoa winch is accessible from the helm station, which is very handy if sailing solo or with a small crew. It was very important for us to have both a dedicated navigation area for a crew and winches accessible to the helmsman for solo or small crew sailing.

The helm, like the SUN FAST 3200 is equipped with two tillers and two rudders, offering superb ergonomics and a clear view forward. As an option, the tillers can be replaced with wheels. The dual symmetrical wheels are installed just behind the mainsail traveller and allow for the installation of German sheeting. So, with this installation you have a boat ready for racing with a crew, with a manoeuvring area forward of the wheels, and a steering and tactical area at the stern.

Two foot chocks are installed at the back of the cockpit, adjacent to the two tillers. Between

Sun Fast 3600

All detail is critical

If we continue, on the sidedecks, we see that small blocks are used for genoa adjustment.

Continuing forward… here the stanchions are designed with a roller for the genoa, which is standard equipment, and reinforced for rigidity.

These two bowsprits are designed so as to have the same rating regardless of the spinnaker chosen. So a customer can chose a symmetrical or an asymmetrical spinnaker based on their race plans and with the adapted bowsprit they will have the same rating.

The boat comes standard with a simple wire head stay. It can be also equipped with a Harken Tuff Luff or a removable furling system as options.

 Interior: always less weight

The guidelines for the interior design were fairly simple; we wanted all the features of a cruising vessel but light, ergonomically laid-out, and finally, low maintenance. We deliberately set aside things such as decoration, and the comfort aspects that added weight. This resulted in a boat with lot of polyester and very little wood. Polyester is great for weight savings, as well as being and easy to maintain. All the

It is next to a large chart table with access to all the electronics. There is extra space to accommodate optional screens. The standard functions are part of the standard Jeanneau electrical panel. And on the SUN FAST 3600 there is also another, customisable, panel. This extra panel is available for equipment such as a wind turbine or a hydro generator. The chart table can stow a computer and is equipped with multiple storage spaces for navigational instruments. The compartments are very deep

On the starboard side is a complete galley, with ergonomic seat, fridge, sink, stove and storage space on the upper and lower sections. All designed to keep the center of

Now on to the saloon area, there are polyester benches, once again, very easy to maintain. The upholstery, by Sunbrella, is in a fabric traditionally used for outdoor upholstery, which dries very quickly and is easy to maintain. So, it is possible to place wet sails on it without causing any damage.

It is very interesting to raise the floorboards on the SUN FAST 3600. You see that the counter mould you walk on is not the structural counter mould. The structural floors on the SUN FAST 3600 are infused at the same time as the hull. This simultaneous infusion process, of both the hull and the structure allows for a perfectly uniform structure because everything is lined and moulded at the same time.

sun fast 3600

There is no counter mould, or structural adhesive. The keel bolts, with oversized counter plates, hold the whole of each side of the hull tightly together. The floorboards are positioned so that each bilge is perfectly accessible. You can easily check whether a bilge has been damaged and repair it if necessary. This assembly procedure is an innovation unique to Jeanneau, resulting in the most rigid platform possible with minimum weight.

sun fast 3600

The head can be closed off with sliding pocket doors; once again we targeted weight savings and functionality and thus made the bathroom private without adding weight. In front of the bathroom, there’s an ideal storage area for sails and spinnakers, a kind of sail locker. Further forward is a waterproof crashbox. It can help save the boat if damaged by collision with an object or another boat. So if the bow is damaged, the self-righting part of the boat is not affected.

The SUN FAST 3600, although built for competition, has two cabins worthy of a real cruising boat, with very large and comfortable beds. Once again, the cabins are perfectly symmetrical. Both cabins make the boat ideal for comfortable sleeping. Note that the cushions are split so an anti-

sun fast 3600

At the front of the cabin, there are removable canvas wardrobes, very popular on the SUN FAST 3200. They can be taken home to pack and when empty, are very light. The wardrobes, like the boats general design, are functional, low maintenance, and again, light. Between the two cabins is the companionway, entirely in polyester, which is good in case of moisture. A storage space accessible from the inside and outside built-in here. It is ideal for stowing a headlamp or a flashlight at night, for food, or anything to be kept out of the rain.

Access to the engine is below the detachable companionway, and from each cabin through lateral access panels. The engine is a 21 HP Yanmar Saildrive. The battery is in front of the engine, near the starter.

A very competitive sailboat

In conclusion, it’s clear the SUN FAST 3600 is a particularly well-designed boat. We have Daniel Andrieu to thank for this very competitive sailboat. The boat has a hard chine hull. It’s modern, with powerful and stable sailing. It has mixed ballast with a lead bulb 2.13 m deep, with a keel bulb flush to the bow for better security (against snagging nets or algae) in offshore racing. There are double rudders for stability and performance. Really a well designed boat. The design has shown its worth in the first regattas and many are pleased with it.

So feel free to visit the website dedicated to the SUN FAST line,, to check on the boats victories. I also invite you, if possible, to come try it out, because sailing this boat, is loving it. The handling and comfort will surprise you. It is a truly versatile and pleasant boat!

Should you know more about the SUN FAST 3600 (brochure, prices, quote, sea trial,…etc), please visit our here or send an email to:

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