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Merry Fisher 895 Marlin: the SUV of the seas multi-program

Historically, the Marlin is the model in the Merry Fisher line designed for fishing. But this time, with the new Merry Fisher 895 Marlin, Jeanneau has built a boat designed for fishing that offers great versatility for both cruising and adventure. The boat has a unique and modern look, like a seagoing SUV, which is ready for a lot more than just fishing.

Comfortable fishing parties

Getting onboard is very easy. It can be done in several ways: the first is across the large swim platforms and through the aft gate. There is no step as the platforms are flush with the cockpit. Boarding can also be done through a bulwark gate, for easy and direct access to the recessed side deck. Finally, depending on how the boat is moored it is also possible to board across the bow as the open bow-rail has grab-rails and a stow-able step.

As on all models in the Marlin line, there is a very long, very wide cockpit where the design priority is fishing. The roof overhang is relatively short so as not to interfere with casting. The cockpit is also very deep, as is the recessed side deck, with secure handrails to hold on to. The side deck is flush with the cockpit and provides easy access to the helm station.


With fishing still in mind, the boat can be equipped with an outside helm station, though not presented here. Rod holders can be installed on the transom above the outboard engines, on the aft quarter bulwarks, additional optional holders can also be installed on the roof.

The cockpit is completely modular. All the seats are foldable. There is also an optional folding side bench seat to starboard. So, in the blink of an eye, the seats can be stowed to open up all the space in the cockpit for fishing.

There is a comfortable fishing position, situated above the outboard motors. It is equipped with drink holders, cutting boards and access to a storage area for fishing accessories. This fishing station is on rails to both free up space when the engines are lowered and to be able to lift the engines completely out of the water.

On the port side you have a secondary access gate to really facilitate loading and unloading over the port side platform. The space to port can be equipped with an optional live-well… a really convenient feature for fishing.


There is a telescopic sunshade to protect the cockpit, both while fishing or spending time with family. It is possible to fish and follow your catch, unencumbered. Another type of sunshade is also available. This sunshade is suspended but installed permanently in a fixed position. This fixed option is interesting because it allows for the enclosure of the entire cockpit.

For a sport or family navigation

The Merry Fisher 895 Marlin is equipped with outboard motors. The boat is available in two versions: standard and the off-shore. The difference is the maximum horsepower. With the off-shore version, outboards of up to 2X250 horsepower are available for maximum speeds around 43-45 knots depending on the load. The boat is already very pleasant with engines that are more modest, at 2X150 or 2X200 horsepower.

What sets the off-shore version apart is the category B registration and the greater capacity fuel tanks at 2X300 liters instead of the standard 2X200 liters. The fuel tanks are located on each side of the cockpit, under the deck. This layout leaves space for a large central storage locker between the tanks.

The wheelhouse is slightly offset to port. There is a secondary port side deck, but the reason of the offset is to increase the width and depth of the main side deck located to starboard and to allow for the side deck to be flush with the cockpit and secured by handrails. The side deck also has direct access to the helm station via the sliding side door. It is really very wide. When cruising at the helm, one gets the impression of being outside.

The helm station is well equipped. It features a large instrument panel able to install Garmin screens of up to 12 inches. This boat is equipped with a 9-inch Garmin screen. The controls for the motors are also located here. Sitting in the helm seat is very comfortable. But for a sportier feeling at the helm, with the bolster seat lifted it is possible to drive standing up.

The wheelhouse is really very large and comfortable, the saloon with face to face seating is equipped with a table… what’s unique with the boat we are looking at today, is the electrically operated soft-top. It opens up the roof completely for excellent ventilation and the feeling of being outside.

This table can fold to transform this seat into a co-pilots bench seat facing the sea. This feature is interesting because it allows all the passengers to be seated comfortably and facing forward.

To starboard, there is a storage unit with a cupboard and direct access to the power switches. Under the pilot’s seat, you have a large 65-liter fridge. The galley is located on the port side, in front of the co-pilot seat. Under the cover, there is a sink and a gas burner, right next to this folding countertop, a food preparation area for cooking.

The other major feature of the Merry Fisher 895 Marlin, is this real cockpit saloon located on the foredeck. So, a second cockpit on the boat, with L seating that can be completed with a table. Of course, it’s possible to also have another table for the rear cockpit.

This forward cockpit can be protected by a sunshade that is easy to install, and, of course, the whole cockpit can be transformed into a large sunbed.

And finally a little surprise, under the forward bench seat is a hatch, which can be used in several ways. This hatch makes it easy to stow all your forward cockpit upholstery directly into the forward cabin. It also can be used at night, when sleeping aboard, to ventilate the forward cabin.

We’d like to take this opportunity to show you the cockpit saloon with all the seats down and the table installed. You really have a nice, easy to use living space. It’s very different and complementary to the fishing oriented open cockpit. We’d also like to show you the optional starboard bench seat.

A spacious night side with sea view

And now, let’s discover, an essential feature of this Merry Fisher 895 Marlin, namely two closed cabins, two double berth cabins and also a very comfortable head with a shower.


The forward owner’s cabin, is particularly inviting. It has a very good ventilation with the porthole, and also the hatch that we saw previously. The hatch provides good ventilation and also plenty of natural light. In addition, there are skylights located in the roof and two hull windows on each side of the berth.

The vee-berth consists of two linked single berths that can be transformed into a large double berth with this sliding support and extra cushions.

The owners cabin, located forward, is complemented by a second cabin, set apart by a door. This second cabin is located to port. It has a bench seat with storage underneath. It has excellent ventilation and light with a large hull window and portal. And it has a double berth, which is located under the saloon.


As you’ve seen during the tour, the Merry Fisher 895 Marlin is a ship built for adventure. It offers tremendous opportunities, with a lot of space on the outside and inside, a rear cockpit, and a bow cockpit and two separate cabins. It is a boat that can go fishing and discover new horizons.

For more information about the Merry Fisher 895 Marlin by Jeanneau (sea trial, brochure, quotation…), click here. You can also send an email at

Article by Stephanie Geslin

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